Reduce Costs

Eliminate 70% of mailing and labor costs from follow-up billing

Collect Faster

Increase your collection rates and get paid up to 3x faster

Compliance Included

Compliant with HIPAA, TCPA, and PCI security standards

Send digital payment requests with ease

Collect deposits, copays, coinsurance balances, and more. Instantly send secure, HIPAA compliant Payment Requests by text message and email. Substantially eliminate the need to send paper statements, make patient phone calls, and do repetitive, labor-intensive administrative tasks.

Make payment convenient for patients

Most consumers say texting is the best way to reach them, and over 90% of text messages are opened within 30 minutes. With Balance Payment Links, you can invoice your patients instantly and make it simple for them to pay.

Provide a modern payment experience

Payment Links make it effortless for patients to pay securely from their mobile phone using any payment card, ApplePay, or GooglePay. No login or app download required.

Fully automate and visualize your patient billing process

Balance automates follow-up to patients with unpaid balances, increasing collection rates and reducing costs associated with mailing statements and manual outreach. With the Balance dashboard, visualize performance with summary statistics and real-time visibility into the status of every payment request. 
Image displaying dashboard insights provided by Balance, recent transactions, payment requests, payments received, and average time to pay.

Simplify the payment experience for your practice and your patients

Fast and Easy
Send digital payment requests instantly
Improved Visibility
Track payment status, automate follow-up
Seamless Experience
Simple, secure payment without login